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Vietnamese Broken Rice Price 2024 | Vietnam White Rice Price

Updated: Apr 25

According to the Vietnam Food Association, rice prices in the Mekong Delta area have increased marginally in the last week.

The maximum price of summer-autumn unhusked rice at the field is 5,100 VND (22 US cents) per kilo, a 100 VND rise over the average price of 4,950 VND per kilo. The maximum price for 5% cracked rice is 9,400 VND per kilo, an increase of 186 VND above the standard price.

According to statistics from the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development, the price of unhusked rice in Soc Trang province has remained consistent, with the exception of Dai thom 8. This variety of rice is marketed at 7,300 VND per kg, a 200 VND drop.

The price of unhusked rice remained steady in other Mekong Delta cities.

In the backdrop of growing local demand and rising purchasing expenses, the export price of rice surged to a two-and-a-half-month high on September 30 in tandem with a rise in domestic prices. The export price of 5% broken rice was 425-430 USD per tonne, the highest since mid-July, up from 415-420 USD per tonne the previous week.

According to traders, demand in the country is increasing as the government purchases rice from farmers for reserves, resulting in higher domestic prices. However, the amount of rice exports continues to fall.

Vietnamese Broken Rice Price 2022 | Vietnam White Rice Price
Vietnamese Broken Rice Price 2022 | Vietnam White Rice Price

Between January and September, Vietnam exported 4.5 million tonnes of rice, a 9.5% decline from the previous year. The cargo of rice in September alone is expected to exceed 530,000 tonnes.

Meanwhile, despite significant rains in the country increasing concerns about rice supply, Vietnam's export price of rice has fallen as the currency has weakened.

The price of 5% broken parboiled rice in Vietnam has dropped to between 358-363 USD per tonne, down from 360-365 USD per tonne the previous week. According to an exporter from Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City, severe rains in the eastern and southern regions over the previous several days may have hampered the country's early planting.

Thailand's 5% broken rice was traded for 385-386 USD per tonne, down from 380-386 USD per tonne the previous week.

According to traders, demand has risen significantly, but high transportation costs continue to be an impediment to rice exports.

Domestic rice prices in Vietnam remained high despite record summer output and massive amounts of rice imports.

Due to strong demand and limited supply, Vietnamese rice prices have lately increased in both local and overseas markets. Notably, the price of Jasmine rice has risen to 565-570 USD per tonne, up 65-70 USD from three weeks ago.

At the same time, Vietnam's 5% broken rice is sold for 410-420 USD per tonne, an increase of 35-45 USD per tonne, while the price of 25% broken rice climbs by 25-30 USD per tonne to 370-375 USD per tonne. On the global market, the price of Vietnamese rice is only slightly lower than that of Thai rice.

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Export Market Prices For Vietnam Rice

Rice prices go up and down on the market. Prior to 2019, one kilogramme of rice cost $0.45 in 2017 and $0.91 in 2018. The export price decreased by -50.887 % to $0.45 per kg in 2019.

Again the export price of rice from Vietnam increased by $ 3.98 per kg in 2020 and 2021 because of the covid epidemic.

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Vietnam's rice export price is greater than Thailand's, India's, and Pakistan's. For example, the export price of Vietnam's 5-percent broken rice is US$438 per tonne, whereas Thailand, India, and Pakistan's rice prices are $373, $358, and $363 per tonne, respectively.

vietnam rice export price
Vietnam rice export price

Rice prices are creeping up to a constant high level, according to Tran Chi Hung, Director of the Mekong Delta Province of Hau Giang's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Furthermore, traders in the Mekong Delta region are busy buying rice. Farmers in Hau Giang have harvested 30,000 hectares of the autumn-winter rice crop so far, out of a total of 35,000 hectares.

Farmers in the Mekong Delta are now harvesting 715,000 hectares of autumn-winter rice. Traders suggest buying unhusked rice for VND5,300 - VND7,500 per kilogramme, up VND100 - VND500 per kilogramme from the beginning of October 2021.

Many types of rice, particularly excellent speciality rice varieties, are expected to grow in price in the near future, according to numerous rice exporters.

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Price of rice in Vietnam at wholesale

In 2022, the price of Vietnam rice is expected to vary between US$ 0.45 and US$ 0.91 per kilogramme, or US$ 0.2 and US$ 0.41 per pound (lb).

The price per kilogramme in Dong is VND 11129.21. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the average price for a tonne is US$ 445.17.

In 2019, the import price of rice in Vietnam was US$0.64 per kilogramme.

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