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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Vietnam Rice Bags Loaded Boat - Vietnam Rice Export - Rice-Vietnam Company

Vietnam is the fourth-largest rice-producing country in the world. And Vietnam exports a lot of rice, it’s the main business for the people of Vietnam, they work in farms, rice mill, rice export and import services. We are an authorized Vietnam rice company and we are in this rice industry for the past 7 years. Rice-vietnam company is a top rice supplier, producer and exporter of white rice to countries like Africa, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We produce all kinds of Vietnam white rice in the Mekong and Red river deltas, which is located in the south of HO CHI MINH city - SAIGON.

This place is Vietnam’s largest rice producer - around 2 million metric tons of rice are exported to rice consuming countries. Most of the Vietnam land is under rice cultivation.

“Vietnamese Rice is Gift from Gods”. And the taste of the rice is unique and it has a rich aroma. So you know Vietnam is the fourth-largest rice production country in the world, more than one-third of the population work in agriculture, harvesting rice.

Vietnam paddy field before the rain

Here in Vietnam farming is predominantly family activity, and it is coming from ages. It is a major source of income and day to day job at a rice farm. Rice production in Vietnam - Vietnamese follow traditional agriculture procedure with buffalo, growing rice at the bank of Mekong delta it is a tough job, and it needs lots of hard work, patients. Vietnam’s rice farmers depend on nature as well, fresh rainwater and plenty of sunlight will lead to good growth of rice plants.

We are an ISO certified company - rice-vietnam, and rice exporter, rice production and selling is our business. We export Vietnamese white rice packed in 10/20/25/50 kgs bags, as per client request, with a hassle-free shipment process. We will take care of all the rice quality, quantity, straight from the farm and export to your country through a cargo ship.

Why rice-vietnam as your Vietnam Rice Suppliers?

  1. Top rice exporters in Vietnam, and serving client from all over the world

  2. We lots of Vietnam rice variety, and stocked for export

  3. An ISO Certified company in Vietnam, most trusted company

  4. More than 7+ years of experience in exporting Vietnamese rice to African countries

  5. Genuine price and on-time delivery (OTD)

  6. We have more than 1200 MT processing capacity per day

  7. Good customer care service via phone call, WhatsApp, or email

  8. Inspection for quality, quantity at loading port is our major concern

  9. Hassle-free rice exporting process

  10. Experienced team who works on a daily basis

  11. We have good formations with shipping lines to get easy competitive freight rates and fastest transit times from Ho Chi Minh to major African ports

  12. Guaranteed quality Vietnam rice bags

  13. Trusted Vietnam rice suppliers

  14. Vietnam rice price negotiation is available for large quantities

What are the types of Vietnam rice we export?

We export all kinds of rice, as per client request, there many Vietnam rice variety some are listed below.

  1. Jasmine rice 5 % broken

  2. Vietnam long-grain white rice 5 % broken

  3. Vietnam long-grain white rice 10 % broken

  4. Vietnam long-grain white rice 15 % broken

  5. Vietnam long-grain white rice 25 % broken

  6. Vietnam long-grain white rice 50 % broken

What is the Vietnam rice price per kg?

Due to the demands of Vietnam rice across the world that have given a high rise to production cost, our company rice-vietnam is instrumental in offering Vietnam rice at a price of $ 300 to 500 USD per metric ton depending on the season.

As per the commodity market review, the current level of the rice market price keeps on changing and it’s unpredictable.

Presently, Vietnam 5% Broken Rice Price: $ 360 USD/mt for Feb 2020

What is Vietnam rice export price?

Exported Vietnam Long grain White rice is $ 300 to 500 USD per metric/ton depending on the season.

How long it takes for rice delivery?

Generally, it is 15 - 25 days from the contract date, it is according to the quantity and the place.

Do you provide Vietnam rice samples? Is it free or extra?

Yes, we offer the rice sample as per your requirements for free but we do not pay shipping costs.

Do you provide white rice packaging?

Yes, we provide a complete packaging service. We can pack Vietnam white rice into 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20lbs, 40lbs, 25kg or 50 kg PP bags, PP bags with PE inside. The bags of white rice are stuffed at total Max 22 Metric Ton into one 20 feet container.

Vietnam Rice Packaging Machine - Vietnam Rice Export - Rice-Vietnam Company

Rice-Vietnam’s, white rice are fresh and 100% genuine straight from the farm, then milled and exported to different countries.

So next time if you are looking for a Vietnam rice exporter, please do contact :

My HANG or David SEN


Office Address: SCREC TOWER

L/C /13 04 Truong Sa / Q12 / District 3



Vietnam Mobile: (+84) 70 340 1976

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 703401976

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