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For the year 2021, the ministry of Agricultural and Rural development of Vietnam have a target of exporting 6.5 millions tons of rice and that is representing a value of about 3 billion Usd, so you can imagine that Vietnam needs a lot of "On line trading brokers".......

Of course we are not the only brokers but our team is a reliable one.

In the MEKONG Delta we have some areas where we cultivate certain crops that we only export. Vietnamese tropical climate is perfect for producing large paddy fields with those species. Ask us ! We export many rice to AFRICA and other countries. We have white rice, fragrant and special rice, organic rice, parboiled rice, it's up to your choice ! 

Don't hesitate to send us your request.

As on line trading brokers,

we are on line at all time.

3 CROPS every year


First one is in March / April and the quality is usually very good

Second one is late September or early October quality is good

Third one is around December and quality is acceptable

Apart of rice, we can offer you something

that not every On line trading broker can do

RICE bags

Our rice bags partner

is one

of the biggest

factory in Vietnam


They are producing all kinds of rice bags



can order

for you

Preparing the soil for the next crop

Do you need a designer ?

No problem

Just ask

Any kind of bags


Woven PP bags with or

without liner


Bags 5 kg

Bags 25 kg


Customized bags


Colourfull bags



is our


We are simply the
"best rice online trading brokers"


Don't hesitate do ask us for a quotation !

Answer within 48 hours !

myhangsaigon@gmail.com       (+84) 70 340 1976

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