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Rice From Vietnam | Vietnam Rice Price

The best quality of Vietnam rice at an affordable price, to cater to your needs by leading rice exporter - RICE VIETNAM. The Vietnam rice price varies every day ranged from $350-650 per ton.

Rice From Vietnam | Vietnam Rice Price
Rice From Vietnam - Check the Current Vietnam Rice Price

In the fertile fields of Vietnam, one of the best qualities of rice is produced. The Mekong Delta, or else said: “The Rice Bowl” of Vietnam, produces a generous harvest of rice. A place where rice has been a strategic crop for national security gives exceptional advantages in its production.

Over the years, Vietnam has become one of the top exporters of rice crops. The use of old varieties, sufficient fertilizer, and an increase in the proportion of rice area (93.4%) under irrigation account for the high yields in recent years.

Rice Grains Packed From Vietnam To Cater For Your Needs

Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in January 2007, securing the country’s link to the global market and so fortified the domestic economic reform process. Vietnam has set certain policies in recent times for the rice sector to maintain a balance between domestic food security and the promotion of rice exports.

Rice has proved to be the main livelihood for over 15 million smallholder farmers in the Red River and Mekong deltas, but the number of smallholders who can actually make a living out of it is declining. In the provinces of the Mekong Delta, an average Vietnamese family only earns 100 USD a month from cultivating rice.

There are multiple such challenges in the way of smallholder farmers, like struggling to meet the increasing quality demands of quality rice markets, limited access to markets, and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. In between all the challenges, the Rice Vietnam Company is looking for opportunities towards a more sustainable and inclusive rice sector.

Want to know about Vietnam Jasmine rice and how to get it?

In the year 2019, Vietnam's rice prices were ranged from $376-420 per ton, and in 2018 it was around $380-502 per ton.

Due to the unique taste and strong aroma Vietnam rice are in great demand from African and Asian countries. We as a Vietnam rice company export rice to all the countries, at an affordable shipping rate.

Vietnam rice price varies every day, just like a stock market. If you want to know the current price of Vietnam rice, then get in touch with our Sales Manager on Whatsapp/ Viber on

(+84) 70 340 1976.

RICE VIETNAM - Rice Exporting Company in Vietnam

The Rice Vietnam Company works to bring the best quality of Vietnam rice from the fields right to your doorsteps. They are an ISO certified company producing, selling, and exporting Vietnam rice. They ensure to provide our customers with the best quality rice at minimum prices. Being a trusted Vietnam rice supplier, they also have good formations with shipping lines to get easy competitive freight rates and fastest transit times from Ho Chi Minh to major African ports.

Working for 18+ years to export the rice of the utter demand in the market, they export a huge variety of Vietnamese rice. Over the years, they strive to be better each passing day and be more sustainable in this field.

Following this idea of constant sustainability and creativity, they have partnered with a huge rice bags factory to provide an almost unbreakable packaging for safe and secure delivery. Price fluctuation makes it difficult for the people around the world to buy Vietnam rice at a fair rate and so they work with professional brokers to supply the right amount of rice at the right price.

A question might trigger the mind of the customer on how they do it?

The answer is simple as they live in Vietnam with the people working in the field day in and day out as well as the professionals. The Rice Vietnam Company has reserved its seat for one of the top online rice brokers by offering rice bags production of your choice.

The production is done by the agricultural cooperatives under Vietnamese government control. While partnering with top private owners, they are able to export around the globe. Some countries are exclusively reserved for the Vietnamese government, the production of which is further handled by the agricultural cooperatives. The team of professional brokers at Rice Vietnam takes care of the need of the farmers and the demand of our customers making a fair deal between the two.

“Rice ATM feeds Vietnam’s poor amid lockdown”

Vietnam has always been flourished with the harvest of rice every year. Even in the tough times of COVID 19, rice proved as a staple food to the rescue of the many poor and jobless people who were not able to afford even a meal.

Contact Us for Rice Price

We are working 24x7 for the buyers to find the best prices for rice, and make the most convenient deal. From Jasmine rice to Long white rice, 5% broken to 100% broken rice we are always up to give you what you need and expect.

We have everything, Tell us what you need!

Offering you Vietnamese rice with prices under the current trading rate, we commit to never disappoint the client. We are here to support small-scale farmers and ensure the supply of premium quality rice.

So next time if you are looking for a Vietnam rice, please do contact :

My HANG or David SEN


Office Address: SCREC TOWER

L/C /13 04 Truong Sa / Q12 / District 3



Vietnam Mobile: (+84) 70 340 1976

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 703401976

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