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Vietnam is one of the world's richest agricultural regions for growing Vietnam rice and is the second-largest rice exporter around the world. It is also the world’s seventh-largest consumer of rice. Rice is called ‘white gold’ in Vietnam.

Vietnam has exported nearly 7 million megatons of rice in the last year and is a reliable exporter of rice in global trade. Rice-Vietnam company continuously processes the best jasmine white rice from Vietnam for the needs of our customers with reliable quality.

Rice-Vietnam - Jasmine Rice Manufacturers and Jasmine Rice Supplier

It has been a strategic crop for national food security. Vietnam has exceptional comparative advantages in jasmine rice production. It is one of the richest agricultural regions for the cultivation of rice because the weather, the water and land of Vietnam are extremely suitable for it. It is the fourth largest rice-producing country in the world.

Want to know about the Jasmine rice of Vietnam and how to get it?

Jasmine rice from Vietnam the price varies every day, just like a stock market. If you want to know the current price of Jasmine rice, then get in touch with our Sales Manager on Whatsapp/ Viber at (+84) 70 340 1976.

The jasmine white rice manufacturers have been there in the rice industry for the past 7 years. It is one of the leading rice producers and exporters of rice in Vietnam. Our business strategy emphasizes on top quality as well as price, delivery and service of sales and after-sales. We export all kinds of rice with the most reasonable price and best rice trading service.

The weather, water and land of Vietnam are extremely suitable for the cultivation of high-quality jasmine rice. This is the reason Vietnam has become one of the world’s richest agricultural regions. The Vietnam jasmine rice is mostly cultivated at the Mekong Delta which is the heart of the rice-producing region of the country.

A variety of long-grain Jasmine rice is cultivated in Vietnam. It is very fragrant and when cooked and is slightly sticky but flavourful. The organic jasmine rice is often used for traditional Southeast Asian dishes and is called as Vietnam fragrant rice. This is because a jasmine fragrance comes out when the rice cooks. That’s why people started calling it as jasmine rice.

Organic Jasmine rice plants take four to five months to reach maturity. Jasmine rice grows very fast, which reaches a height of three feet. By September, the grain heads are mature and prepared to be harvested. On average, each acre yields more than 9,000 pounds of jasmine rice.

Rice Vietnam - Jasmine Rice Manufacturers and Supplier

The production of Vietnam jasmine rice is important to the food supply in the country and also for the national economy. There are three ecosystems that command the rice-growing culture in Vietnam.

These include the southern delta that is dominated by rice coverage because it features a warm and humid climate throughout the year with sunshine, the northern delta which has tropical monsoon with cold winters, and has flood-prone and rain-fed rice varieties; and highlands of the north has upland rice varieties. We export Vietnamese jasmine rice to various markets like the Philippines, Singapore, France, the USA, China, Indonesia, Ghana, and South Africa.

The features of long-grain organic jasmine rice are it is hygienically processed, is slightly flavourful, has a strong aroma, and has impressive quality. It is also good for your health. Our business strategy emphasizes on top quality, price, delivery, and service of sales and after-sales. We make sure to bring our customers with rice of top quality in Vietnam, with the most reasonable price and best service.

The jasmine white rice manufacturers are professional rice brokers in Vietnam. We help local rice mills and farmers in Vietnam get to interact with retail industries, export companies and rice industries. Rice-Vietnam provides the best quality and price of jasmine rice in the market keeping in mind their business relationships. Since jasmine rice prices are fluctuating all the time, it becomes difficult to order or carry business.

To know the exact price of jasmine rice get in touch with us at (+84) 70 340 1976.

The Vietnam rice suppliers improve post-harvest practices so as to eliminate or reduce waste. They improve agronomic practices to increase farm yields. Our company has also improved processing practices for better milling recoveries and for market expansion and also protects consumers from price and quality manipulation.

The jasmine white rice manufacturers assist their clients in placing their orders as well as finding the best prices for them. Rice-Vietnam company also makes its own quality control and they stand there when the producer loads the goods for export. We offer a variety of rice from the country of Vietnam with prices under the Mondial usual trading rate.

Most of the production is done by agricultural cooperatives under Vietnamese government control. The rice also has a taste of a big part of Southeast Asia and this taste is unique. Our rice exporting company helps their clients find the best quotation and also assists them in finding the best shipping company. They have the needed license to export in different parts of the world.

Rice-Vietnam - The Jasmine rice manufacturers we help our clients find insurance so that they have no risk at all during transportation and quality. Our team of professional rice brokers are a very reliable party and they take care of the interests of both the clients and our farmers.

The current rice production practices in Vietnam remain input-intensive to the detriment of the environment and its people. Hence, the Vietnamese government has launched a policy strategy for restructuring the rice sector which shifts the government’s focus from quantity to quality, from food security to food safety, and from a supply-driven sector to a market-driven sector.

We are a professional rice broker, rice supplier, and exporter company, constantly we help rice mills to interact with retail industries, import/export companies, and rice industries; moreover, as independent and senior professionals on rice market and business, we always provide the best quality and price in the market, keeping business relationships.

Rice-Vietnam - The Jasmine rice manufacturing company has more than 7 years of experience in this industry of exporting, supplying and producing. We as jasmine white rice manufacturers are offering long and fresh Vietnam jasmine rice, which is known for its impressive flavour and aroma. Under this range, we offer Jasmine rice, long, Vietnamese broken rice, and white rice.

To avoid any contamination or wear and tear, we provide the rice in appropriate packing which can resist the moisture and can easily preserve the aroma for a longer time period. Hence, we are the jasmine white rice manufacturers are one of the best manufacturers of organic jasmine rice around the world.

For more information regarding jasmine rice, export prices do not hesitate to contact us.

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