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Vietnamese White Rice 5451 Bulk from Supplier & Exporter

Rice is one of the most important global culinary foods. Rice, as one of the world's most consumed grains, must be of the highest quality, purity, and trustworthiness. Among the numerous types available, Vietnamese white rice 5451 stands out as the finest example of excellence, renowned for its flawless quality and exceptional taste.

Understand about Vietnamese white rice 5451, its specifications, price, and how to buy in bulk. And why it is the best choice to import.

Vietnamese White Rice 5451

Vietnam white rice 5451, also known as Gạo ST 5451 in Vietnam, consists of its long, thin grains, distinct flavour, and smell.

The white rice 5451 plant grows only in fertile fields. The process of cultivation for rice is done with a skilled farmer and strict quality control which gives the best quality grain every time. Its long shape and fluffy texture make it ideal for a number of recipes, including savoury stir-fries and aromatic pilafs.

Vietnamese White Rice 5451
Vietnamese White Rice 5451

What is Vietnamese White 5451 rice?

5451 white rice, often referred to as OM 5451, is a high-yielding rice type farmed mostly in the Mekong Delta regions. It has a short growing season (90-95 days). This variety's grain is long and slender, with a chalky and milky appearance. Jasmine 85 and OM 2490 were crossbred to produce OM 5451 rice, a fragrant long-grain rice. It is grown mostly in the Mekong Delta regions, generates a full yield, and meets export requirements. This OM Rice has an elastic and fluid texture, smells moderately aromatic when cooked, and does not harden even after cooling.

Specification of Vietnamese White 5451 rice

The average particle length is about: 6.6 mm.

Packaging Size

25 - 50kg

Packaging Type

PP bag



Maximum Shelf Life

2 Years

Is It Dried



14.5% max


0.1% max


5% max


6.6 mm min


OM 5451

Place of Origin

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Damaged kernels

0.3% max

Delivery Time

Within 15 days

Minimum Order Quantity

50 MT

Packaging Details

25 - 50 kg/ PP bag or Customised Packing

Why  Vietnamese White Rice 5451?

There are  many  kinds of rice available in Vietnam. But Vietnamese OM white rice 5451 stands out for several reasons that are obvious. For starters, the quality of it is clear, with each grain glowing purity and freshness.

And it has high nutritional value, offering a healthy source of energy and essential nutrients. Whether you're a chef looking for the perfect palette for your culinary masterpieces or a health-conscious consumer, Vietnamese white rice 5451 offers unbeatable variety and purity.

The Process of Cultivating Vietnamese White Rice 5451

The cultivation of Vietnamese white rice 5451 begins in fertile fields. Where highly skilled local farmers cultivate grain with both ancient and modern techniques and equipment. Vietnam has proper soil and a large water supply, making it a great place for rice farming. Farmers achieve the best growth and results by taking great care and using sustainable agricultural practices, which results in grains of exceptional quality and purity.

Quality Assurance and Standards

Our organisation ensures the quality of Vietnamese white rice 5451, accurate standards and procedures are in place throughout the manufacturing and exporting processes. From seed selection to post-harvest processing, each stage is subject to tight rules to ensure the greatest level of quality and authenticity. Furthermore, all the major food industry certifications from reputable organisations prove the purity and safety of Vietnamese white rice 5451, establishing confidence in consumers globally.

Please contact us at Tel: +84 (0) 765 248 528 / Mob: +84 (0) 933 914 065 if you require full support with the Vietnamese white rice 5451 export procedure, documentation, and pricing from Vietnam to other countries.

Export Market and Demand

Vietnamese white rice 5451 is in high demand on the international market. Many countries import companies and buyers eager to buy this rice. Its popularity and demand comes from its exceptional taste, texture, and nutritional unit. This makes it a popular choice among both demanding customers and culinary specialists. Vietnamese white rice 5451 is popular in Asian markets as well as European countries.

The countries that import Vietnamese white rice 5451 include Malaysia, Algeria, Singapore, Benin, Ivory Coast, Lithuania, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, United States, Ghana, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, French Polynesia, and Austria.

Low Pricing for Quality Product

In spite of its unique taste, Vietnamese white rice 5451 is cheap and provides excellent value for money. Compared to equivalent-grade rice cultivars in Vietnam. OM 5451 rice stands out for its inexpensive price and great taste.. Whether you're a distributor wanting to increase your profit margins or a consumer looking for low-cost comfort, Vietnamese white rice 5451 is a desirable choice.

Of the different types of glutinous rice found in Vietnam, "Nep cai hoa vang," originating from the Northern region, is currently regarded as the highest quality. One KG of this white rice 5451 typically costs around $2 - $10.

Vietnamese white rice 5451 Price

The price of Vietnamese White Rice 5451 changes according to quality, quantity, and market demand. The price per metric ton can vary from $350 to $1500, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 50 metric tons.

Please contact us at +84 (0) 765 248 528 / Mob: +84 (0) 933 914 065 for the current White Rice 5451 cost in Vietnam.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Good logistics and supply chain management have become important in maintaining the timely delivery and freshness of Vietnamese white rice 5451. From collecting to packaging and shipping, every process is properly planned and executed to decrease transportation time, lower cost and maintain product purity. Exporters ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction by forming strategic relationships and streamlining operations.

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

The true measure of Vietnamese white rice 5451's excellence is customer happiness. Positive feedback and comments from delighted customers testifies to its outstanding quality, flavor, and consistency. Whether the rice is offered on a regular basis or during expensive celebration festivals or parties. It receives compliments from consumers and those who organize events.

Business Opportunities

Working with an accredited vendor and supplier of Vietnamese white rice 5451 opens up a world of opportunities for businesses looking to provide exceptional rice solutions to their clients. If you're a retailer looking to increase your demand or a distributor seeking trustworthy vendors & supplier. Collaborations with well-known suppliers provide access to high-quality products and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Sustainability And Social Responsibility

Despite its amazing taste efficiency, Vietnamese white rice 5451 shows a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Suppliers aim to reduce environmental impact and empower farmers by implementing eco-friendly farming practices and helping local communities. With each grain of rice, consumers help to build a legacy of sustainability and stewardship, assuring a better tomorrow for future generations.

How to Buy Bulk Vietnamese white rice 5451

Buying a bulk quantity of white rice from a rice supplier in Vietnam is not an easy task. It has several step by step processes. With trusted rice broker we ensure a smooth and genuine process:

Research and Identify Trusted Suppliers: Search by conducting thorough research to identify reputable rice suppliers in Vietnam both online and offline. Make a listing by means of searching out rice vendors with applicable work revel in and logistics ties. Also, review for the company's license and credentials.

Contact Potential Suppliers: Contact to the listed rice suppliers thru their website application form, gmail, phone call, or whatsapp message. To inquire approximately about their rice services and products. Provide details about your bulk rice shopping requirements, along with quantity, exceptional specifications, and shipping possibilities.

Request Samples: Before creating a bulk purchase, request samples of Vietnamese white rice 5451 from trusted suppliers. This permits you to evaluate the best, flavor, and appearance of the rice to make sure it meets your expectations and requirements.

Negotiate Terms and Pricing: Once you have evaluated the samples and selected a preferred provider, negotiate the terms and pricing in your bulk buy. Talk with thier team which include quantity reductions, fee terms, delivery costs, and shipping timelines to make sure a together beneficial agreement.

Review Contracts and Agreements: Before finalising the purchase of rice. Evaluate and sign the product quality & logistic contracts or agreements provided with the company. Pay close attention to phrases and situations, which consist of product specs, satisfactory assurances, and dispute resolution techniques.

Arrange Payment: Arrange price consistent with the agreed-upon terms and conditions. Some vendors may also additionally require an advance rate or a deposit earlier than processing your order, at the same time as others can also offer flexible price options including letters of credit or instalment payments.

Coordinate Shipping and Logistics: Speak with the shipping and logistics supplier. Plan distribution and logistics for Vietnamese white rice 5451. Ask the rice supplier who closely works with the shipping providers about delivery times. Also include any special handling instructions, cost to ensure that the rice arrives in the best possible shape.

Monitor the Order: Follow up with the rice supplier and shipping provider via email or phone to check on the status of your purchase along the ordering and delivery process. Please express any concerns or problems as soon as possible to ensure that the rice supply process operates smoothly and efficiently.

Receive and Inspect the Shipment: Once you've received the majority of the cargo, inspect the Vietnamese white rice 5451 to ensure it fits your high standards and specifications. Check for any damage, discrepancies, or inconsistencies, and report any issues to the provider straight away.

Provide Feedback: After completing the rice delivery, submit your feedback to the rice supplier export provider based entirely on your satisfaction. It can be the time, and quality of the product and cost. Share your satisfaction with the taste of the rice. And also clarify in the feedback for service improvement if necessary .

By following those steps, you may with any luck purchase bulk quantities of Vietnamese white rice 5451 from a trusted provider in Vietnam, ensuring first-class, reliability, and delight collectively along with your purchase.

Vietnamese white rice 5451 is a rice variety that is internationally known for its excellent quality, purity, and flavor. You can use this rice in ordinary meals or culinary specializations, it never fails to captivate flavors and stimulate culinary creativity. When looking for rice, consider Vietnamese white rice 5451 for a really unforgettable culinary experience that transcends borders and cultures.

FAQ on Vietnamese white rice 5451

What makes Vietnamese white rice 5451 special?

Vietnamese white rice 5451 stands out from other varieties due to its long, thin grains and special taste. It is carefully cultivated in rich fields. It combines purity and quality, making it a popular option among people throughout the world.

Is Vietnamese white rice 5451 appropriate for all types of dishes?

Yes, Vietnamese white rice 5451 may be used for lots of kinds of recipes because of its specific characteristics. Its cooked form has an enormously fluffy texture and a sweet taste that enhances a spread of culinary dishes.

What are the delivery options to be had for worldwide rice importers?

International consumers of Vietnamese white rice 5451 have a variety of shipping options available, including air and sea freight. Expedited shipping options will also be available for quicker shipment, depending on the consumer's preferences and requirements.

Can I purchase Vietnamese white rice 5451 in bulk portions?

Yes, Vietnamese white rice 5451 is available for bulk purchase for wholesalers, retailers, and large-scale customers. Bulk buying options are convenient and cost-effective for companies looking for inventory in this high-end pricing range.

Are there any special garage necessities for Vietnamese white rice 5451 for storing?

While Vietnamese white rice 5451 no longer requires specific storage conditions, it is still beneficial to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Proper storage ensures the preservation of its fineness and freshness throughout time.

Does Vietnamese white rice 5451 require unique cooking methods?

Vietnamese white rice 5451 can be cooked using general rice cooking strategies, including boiling, steaming, or using a rice cooker. There aren't any special cooking strategies required, making it handy for normal meal education.

Is Vietnamese white rice 5451 gluten-free?

Yes, Vietnamese white rice 5451 is clearly gluten-free, making it appropriate for persons who have gluten sensitivity or dietary restrictions. Its gluten-free status contributes to its popularity as a nutritious and versatile staple.

How can I verify the authenticity of Vietnamese white rice 5451 before buying?

To verify the authenticity of Vietnamese white rice 5451 earlier than purchase, search for professional rice suppliers like us who adhere to strict excellent requirements and certifications. Additionally, inquire approximately about the rice's origin, manufacturing process, and any applicable documentation to make sure its authenticity and cost.

Why Choose rice-vietnam.Com for Your White Rice 5451 Needs?

Rice-vietnam.Com could be the first-class answer for all your white rice 5451 wishes. With a massive network of top white rice 5451 exporters and direct reference to over 500 rice millers, we continuously meet international calls for this top rate type.

We take great satisfaction in being a trusted brand for millions of importers throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and South Africa. Our reputation is based on our unwavering commitment to offering low rates, unrivalled quality, and a secure platform dedicated to client satisfaction.

Our customers speak about our transparent yet robustly secure trading process, making the best place to get Vietnamese white rice 5451. So, the next time you need a trustworthy Vietnamese rice exporter, go no farther than Contact us today to witness excellence personally.

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