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Best Wholesale Rice Supplier - Wholesale Rice Company in Vietnam

Updated: Apr 25

Best Wholesale Rice Supplier
Best Wholesale Rice Supplier

Which is the most authentic certified rice exporter?

Where can I get a white rice exporter with a free delivery charge?

Which is a good quality rice exporter of Vietnam rice?

Where can I get a wholesale rice supplier?

If you are struggling with all these questions then all your queries get answered in this article. Keep reading till the end to get complete details about one of the most authentic bulk rice exporters of Vietnam rice.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country that is widely popular all over the world for its wide range of varieties in rice. In 2019 Vietnam’s rice won the World’s Best Rice title.

It is the second-largest exporter of rice in the world. Last year, Vietnam was in the top five major exporters of rice and is well known for its reliable export of rice.

The Mekong Delta of Vietnam is the major agricultural region known for the highest production of rice. The high quality and nutritious value of Vietnamese rice are often sought by many countries. This is one of the main reasons for the high demand for Vietnamese Rice.

The Vietnamese Government has set a target of exporting 6.5 million tons of rice and representing a value of about 3 billion USD. This led to the high demand for rice brokers.

Rice for Sale - Contact Rice Supplier for Rice Prices

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

So, finding an authentic online wholesale rice distributor became more difficult.

But we are here to find solutions for all your queries related to Vietnamese rice exports. We have covered all the queries and concerns of people looking for an authentic exporter of wholesale rice.

Which is the most authentic wholesale rice supplier of Vietnam rice?

Rice-vietnam is the best wholesale rice supplier and exporting to all major countries like Canada, the Philippines, China, France, Italy, Germany, and other European countries.

Contact the best rice exporters and suppliers who will find you the best quality rice at low prices. Call us for the Vietnam rice price.

Wholesale Rice Company in Vietnam - Rice-Vietnam

With more than 7 years of experience in exporting a wide range of varieties of Vietnam rice to African countries, Rice-Vietnam Company is an ISO Accredited company and the most trusted company in Vietnam. It has gained a wide popularity online and is one of the most trusted sites for all kinds of Vietnam rice.

The company is among the leading rice producers and exporters of Vietnam. They prioritize the customer's requirements and provide the best assistance including on-time delivery, repair of sales, and after sales.

To provide the best service the team is actively engaged with the best technologies and high safety standards.

Exporting rice which is fresh and 100% authentic straight from the harvest, then milled and shipped to different countries.

How many varieties of Vietnam Rice exports? exports a wide range of Vietnam rice, some of which are mentioned below (along with their grain size details)

  1. Jasmine rice 5 % broken

  2. Vietnam long-grain white rice 5 % broken

  3. Vietnam long-grain white rice 10 % broken

  4. Vietnam long-grain white rice 15 % broken

  5. Vietnam long-grain white rice 25 % broken

  6. Vietnam long-grain white rice 50 % broken

All the above mentioned are some of the local Vietnam rice.

You can order any kind of Vietnam rice from The company provides a wide range of options for quantity and variety of rice as required by the customer.

Which shipping line is better for rice export?

  • The team provides professional assistance to the customers to know everything about shipping lines, quality, quantity, and price of Vietnamese rice.

  • The team provides the best boat service for the safe delivery of the product.

  • They coordinate with the producer to provide the best quality of rice to their customers.

  • The company provides SGS certificates which ensure that their customers are getting the exact product that they ordered.

  • They are easily accessible over phone calls, WhatsApp, or email.

  • An experienced team that operates on a regular basis.

  • All the details are provided by the experts at a very low cost.

Where can we get wholesale rice at a low price?

The most trusted company is Rice-Vietnam who will get wholesale rice at a low price.

The Rice-Vietnam Company is exporting high-quality rice worldwide at the most affordable price.

What is the Vietnam wholesale rice price?

The prices of Vietnam rice keep fluctuating due to high demand, so the Rice-Vietnam Company is providing rice at a price of USD 300 to USD 500 per metric ton depending on the season.

Call us for price negation and current price rates in Vietnam.

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

How much bulk rice can we export?

Vietnam Rice Exporters provide rice packaging service to major countries like the Philippines, China, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Japan, Europe, and the United States. We export white Vietnamese rice packed in a bag of 10/20/25/50 kg.

You can get white rice in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 40kg, 25kg or 50kg PP bags, PP bags with PE within, as per your requirement.

What kind of packaging is done for wholesale rice export?

The Rice-Vietnam Company has partnered with a rice bags manufacturing factory which produces non-breakable rice bags for safe and secured delivery of rice all over the world.

The company ensures that the packages reach their destination in perfect condition.

The rice bags will not explode or tear down even if they are thrown from a distance of 2 meters.

Reasons to choose Rice-Vietnam Company for wholesale rice supply

  • It is the most authentic ISO, USFDA, KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP, GMP Certified in production & supply.

  • A well-experienced exporting company with customers all over the world.

  • The team has an in-depth understanding of milling, procuring, storing, and exporting rice.

  • All the deliveries are well monitored and on-time delivery is ensured.

  • The company prioritizes its customers and monitors the production and quality 24x7.

  • A wide range of Vietnamese white rice and other rice are provided at very competitive prices.

  • All the deliveries are made in a guaranteed standard of Vietnam rice bags.

  • Hassle-free export of rice is provided with complete assistance.

  • Consists of more than 1200 MT production power per day.

  • The price talks are open for significant amounts.

  • Proper assistance is given regarding all sorts of queries related to Vietnam rice at a low price.

  • The company also provides insurance so that their customers are at 0% risk.

Rice-Vietnam Company is the answer for all those who are looking for an ISO-certified wholesale rice supplier online which provides all varieties of Vietnamese Rice at an affordable price.

Visit our site for more details. We provide 24x7 assistance over phone calls, WhatsApp, and email.

So next time you're looking for a Wholesale Vietnam rice supplier, distributor and exporter, please contact us:

My HANG or David SEN


Office Address: SCREC TOWER

L/C /13 04 Truong Sa / Q12 / District 3




Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

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