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Vietnam White Rice | Vietnam White Rice Price

Updated: Apr 25

Vietnam is the largest rice exporter in the world. It is one of the highest exporters of long grain rice around the world and has almost reached its rice export target for a number of years. Vietnam has imported 81 percent of the target of long grain rice according to the Vietnam Food Association.

White rice production is extremely important for Vietnam. The Vietnam long-grain white rice is important for both its local food supply and the national economy. Therefore, as a result, the Vietnamese have become experts at producing rice of the highest quality.

Coming in a place like Vietnam where rice is the main food consumed every day necessitates gaining general expertise, especially regarding rice prices in Vietnam. Rice's adaptability makes it possible to create a wide variety of flavorful and sweet dishes. You can choose rice that fits your budget and elevates your dining experience while paying tribute to this beloved staple dish by keeping yourself informed about its price.

Vietnam White Rice price
Get in touch with us for Vietnam White Rice Price

Vietnam is one of the world's richest agricultural regions for growing Vietnam long-grain white rice and is the second-largest rice exporter around the world. It is also the world’s seventh-largest consumer of white rice. Here in Vietnam Rice is called ‘white gold’.

Rice- Vietnam is a reliable exporter of rice in global trade. We export all kinds of Vietnam rice almost every month as per the client's demand. Our company continuously processes the best white rice from Vietnam for the needs of our customers with reliable quality.

We invite you to contact us today so that we can discuss for detail of the goods, quotation as well as how we can cooperate with you. This is our WhatsApp Number:

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

Our company the white Rice Vietnam manufacturer and exports rice from Vietnam in various qualities and quantities. We are the leading processed & sorted Vietnam rice export & Vietnam rice supplier in the market. Our company’s aim is to consistently provide high quality and delicious rice to our consumers. Each grain of rice is uniform in size, shape, and colour and thus exhibit great taste and aroma.

Various scientific methods have been applied to enhance the quality of rice grain in Vietnam and to increase their production and income as well. They make sure only edible rice reaches the consumer.

Vietnam rice suppliers improve post-harvest practices so as to eliminate or reduce waste. They improve agronomic practices to increase farm yields. Our company has also improved processing practices for better milling recoveries and for market expansion and also protects consumers from price and quality manipulation.

What is the Vietnam White Rice Price?

As per Ychart Vietnam Rice Price: 448.91 USD/mt for Aug 2020. The rice price keeps on fluctuating just like the stock market. Want to the current price of white rice, then contact our team on Whatsapp/Viber.

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

The rice-Vietnam export business is a top rice supplier, producer, and exporter of white rice to countries like Africa, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Rice-Vietnam’s white rice are fresh and 100% genuine straight from the farm, which are then milled and exported to different countries.

Main factors affecting the price of rice in Vietnam

Domestic and international factors, such as trade agreements, consumer demand, government regulations, and the dynamics of supply and production, affect the price of rice in Vietnam.

Vietnam became the world's top rice exporter in the first quarter of 2024 with an average rice export price of $526 per ton, a stunning 7.6% year-over-year gain. This increase can be linked to external reasons like disruptions in the world's food supply and increased demand for Vietnam's premium rice.

Vietnam Rice Price
The rice market in Vietnam depends on different factors

100% Organic White Rice Wholesaler and Trading company in Vietnam

Rice-Vietnam company, the Vietnam long-grain white rice are partners with a rice bag factory and we deliver Vietnamese rice with almost unbreakable rice bags. We are completely aware of the Vietnamese rice production and everything related to it. The rice that is offered to the people is produced in the Mekong and Red river deltas. These places are the richest agricultural part of the country.

The country has a huge rice-producing region and they use it to the best of their business. Because of the humid climate throughout the year, the country produces one of the best varieties of rice. They have two varieties of rice which are Jasmine rice, which is 5% broken; and long rice which comes in six types i.e., 5% broken, 10% broken, 15% broken, 25% broken, 50% broken and 100% broken.

The partnership between Vietnam and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has enabled the farmers to maximize their full potential of high-yielding rice varieties that are being grown in the Mekong and Red River Deltas. The rice Vietnam exporting company are also developing their partnership to include rice production in the upland ecosystem, environmental issues, and grain quality.

We produce Vietnam long-grain white rice and generally grow three crops of rice every year. The first one is in March/April and the quality is usually very good, the second one is late September or early October and the quality is good, and the third one is around December and quality is acceptable. Rice samples are also available before the order for the clients. We supply our clients with highly competitive prices and on-time delivery.

Check out the Vietnam white rice price here :

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

How much is a kilo of rice in Vietnam currently?

Both residents and visitors to Hanoi, the energetic capital, and Ho Chi Minh City, the thriving economic center, give careful thought to the cost of rice. To get a better idea of how much rice costs in Vietnam, let's look at the prices of rice right now in these two big cities.

Vietnam's specialty rice pricing

Depending on the location and culinary customs, you can specialty rice can take many different forms. The following are the exact costs for a few types of specialty rice in Vietnam:

  1. Gao huyet rong (dragon blood rice) - 40,000 VND/ KG

  2. Red cargo rice - 40,000 VND/KG

  3. Cambodian Jasmine rice - 28,000 VND/KG

  4. Gao Huong Sen (Lotus Scented rice) - 20,000 VND/KG

  5. Gao nang thom Cho Dao (Dao Market Special “Fragrant Girl” rice) - 19,500 VND/KG

  6. Gao tam thom (eight fragrant rice) - 19,500 VND/KG

  7. Gao Tai Nguyen Cho Dao (Tai Nguyen Dao Market rice) - 18,500 VND/KG

  8. Jasmine rice - 18,000 VND/KG

  9. Thai fragrant rice - 14,500 VND/KG

  10. Gao 64 Cho Dao (Dao Market 64 rice) - 13,000 VND/KG

Vietnam's rice prices for bags of rice

Vietnam rice is often packaged in bags of five or ten kg. Convenience stores do offer a variety of packaging options, both small and large, to accommodate a diverse spectrum of customers.

  1. ST25 rice - 36,000 VND/KG

  2. ST24 rice - 35,000 VND/KG

  3. Long Chau 66 rice  - 40,000 VND/KG

  4. Ngoc Sa Co May rice - 38,000 VND/KG

  5. Vibigaba sprouted rice (with black garlic) - 75,000 VND/KG

  6. Vibigaba sprouted rice (with turmeric) -70,000 VND/KG

  7. Hat Ngoc Troi rice (Bac Dau) - 29,000 VND/KG

Vietnam's prices for glutinous rice

After plain rice, glutinous rice is the second main source of starch. Glutinous rice is used in many traditional meals including che (sweet soup), traditional cakes like Banh Chung, and even rice wine, whereas plain rice is used for main courses.

"Nep cai hoa vang," a variety of sticky rice from Vietnam's north, is currently regarded as the best in the country. This rice will set you back about 31,200 VND per kilogram.

Vietnam's broken rice prices

The staple element of the well-known Vietnamese broken rice dish, com tam, in Saigon cuisine is broken rice. Broken rice has the same nutritional value as ordinary rice, although being naturally separated from whole-grain rice. Broken rice costs only about 15,000 VND per kilogram.

Please be aware that the four types of rice have different pricing every day due to the previously described domestic and international reasons. Before making any decisions on purchases, we advise you to verify the most recent pricing in the Vietnamese rice market.


For efficient cost management, knowing the going rates for staples like rice and other necessities is essential, especially if you are a foreigner living in Vietnam, should contact professional and trusted rice broker & exporter in vietnam.

Most of the farmers in Vietnam derive their livelihoods from rice cultivation in the Mekong delta and the Red River. But the smallholder farmers struggle to meet the increasing quality demands of quality rice markets. They also have limited access to the markets which reduces their earnings and makes them vulnerable in the value chain. Climate change also impacts the cultivation of rice which makes the rice farmers vulnerable.

The current rice production practices in Vietnam remain input-intensive to the detriment of the environment and its people. Hence, the Vietnamese government has launched a policy strategy for restructuring the rice sector which shifts the government’s focus from quantity to quality, from food security to food safety, and from a supply-driven sector to a market-driven sector.

How to get Vietnamese White Rice?

We, RICE-VIETNAM GROUP, would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves as one of the leading long rice traders, suppliers, producers & exporters of rice.

We are surrounded by a rice farm of 33 million hectares located on the fertile land of the Mekong River area. Rice-Vietnam, the rice factories equipped large rice mill machines with automatic production lines. And in addition to that, we have skillful staff & employees under the food safety management system ISO 22000:2005. Where we can produce all kinds of rice of high-quality meeting domestic and international standards.

We are a wholesale rice trader, broker, rice supplier, and rice exporter of broken white rice in Vietnam. We provide the best Vietnam white rice with Assured quality + Reasonable price + Great care service. Contact us for Vietnam White Rice Price.

We export rice to various overseas markets like the Philippines, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Ghana, and South Africa.

Are you looking for high quality, fresh rice straight from the farm, then contact us to get in bulk at a reasonable price.

For more information regarding rice prices, sample rice, and shipping details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards

David Sen


Office Address: SCREC TOWER

L/C /13 04

Truong Sa / Q12 / District 3



Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

Frequently Asked Questions for Vietnam rice.

1. Is Rice Vietnam a manufacturer or trader?

Yes, we are a rice manufacturer with big rice mill factories, in Truong Sa / Q12 / District 3

HO CHI MINH City province of Vietnam. Kindly contact or email us at to arrange for a site visit. It takes about 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh city to reach our mills.

2. What is the price term for this product?

As per the current crop, the white rice price is quoted on the FOB term. There are 3 main crops for Vietnamese rice: The winter-Spring crop being the best with the highest harvest volume annually, the Summer-Autumn crop, and the Autumn-Winter crop. The price quoted is for shipment of 500 tons and above packed in 50kg single new PP bag. For smaller shipments or different pack sizes, kindly refer to the Packing section for more details. Whatsapp us now.

3. What is the price of white rice Vietnam?

Kindly contact us for the updated price. Price can differ due to the quality of crops, season, purity percentage, quantity, admixture percentage.

4. Does Rice Vietnam accept small order?

Yes, we do accept orders of 3 containers. Kindly refer to our sales team.

5. What is an acceptable payment term?

Payment Terms: 30% deposit, 70% irrevocable L/C or D/P at sight or T/T scan depending on the country of destination.

6. Does Rice Vietnam offer a free sample?

Yes, we do offer a free sample. However, the home delivery costs will be borne by the recipient.

7. Can Rice Vietnam pack in small bags?

Yes, we offer a small bag of packing as per client requirement from 1-50kg. We are tied up with the biggest rice bag manufacturing company in Vietnam. So we can provide any custom rice bag as per the client requirement.

8. Does Rice Vietnam export to Philipines, China, Thailand, and Singapore?

Yes, we do. We are 1 of the 22 Vietnamese exporters in Vietnam approved by AQSIQ to export to the Philippines, China, Thailand, and Singapore.

9. Does Rice Vietnam export to the USA?

Yes, we do. Our company is registered under the FDA with validity until 31 Dec 2025.

10. Can we contact you directly via email?

Yes, you can. Kindly email us at

11. Can we contact you directly via WhatsApp/ Viber?

Yes, you can. Kindly Message us on Whatsapp/Viber. WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065


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