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Be a part of one the largest Vietnam rice export hubs

Updated: Apr 25

Be a part of one of the largest Vietnam rice export hubs in the world with Professional Rice Brokers and get the best rice deal done. Here’s how!

As we all know Vietnam is one of the biggest rice export country in the world, we are the most trusted, reputed and professional broker in Vietnam. We have been exporting rice globally since 1976 in an efficient way.

Being the biggest Vietnam rice export hub, It is not easy to get the best and reliable suppliers, you’ll be needing a professional and experienced rice broker to help you out and get the best deal done.

Vietnam Rice Export
Vietnam Rice Export

Vietnam rice suppliers to more than 29 countries in Africa.

Vietnam Rice Exporters to Guinea

Vietnam Rice Exporters to Sierra Leone

Vietnam Rice Exporters to Ghana

Vietnam Rice Exporters to Mozambique

WHY US ? - Vietnam Rice Export

Dealing with one of the biggest Vietnam rice export hub, it’s hard to find trusted and professional suppliers all alone, but we don’t want our customers to worry about that. We will help you out in every way.

Well and good tie- up among the producers from each and every part of the country.

As the prices keeps on fluctuating, we will help you out in every way to get the best deals done.


Why customers from other parts of the world trust our rice exporting services?

One of the main reasons is the assurance of efficient and safe shipment around the world. How it is possible?

It is possible because we are partner with a rice bags factory, which has reputation for manufacturing the best quality bags among the country. We deliver Vietnamese rice with these bags which is strong, durable and unbreakable.

Quality tested bags which cannot explode even if it is being thrown from a height of 2 meters. Pretty tough right??

There are variety of rice that can be found in Vietnam. We deal with each and every type of rice available within the country. Here are some names listed below-

Jasmine rice 5% broken

Long rice 5% broken

Long rice 10 % broken

Long rice 15 % broken

Long rice 25 % broken

Long rice 50% broken

Long rice 100 % broken

And many more, it up to you, we have everything!

Want to be a part of it?

If you want to be a part of one of the biggest Vietnam rice exports, get in touch with us. We can save you from delays and unprotected transportation. If you are looking forward to it, do ping us at

Or you can contact us through WhatsApp or Viber with the number given below-

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

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