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Our Trading Partners of Rice in Vietnam

Updated: Apr 25

Since the past few decades, trade, both domestic and international, has benefitted almost all nations in this world, especially in the Less Developed Countries (LDC) and in the Developing Countries. With Globalisation spreading its roots, the trade scenario and economic condition of the world market show interesting and revolutionary changes. Globalization generally implies the trade of goods and services among countries; it also allows Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Private Investment (FPI) of technologically developed countries in Developing and Less Developed Countries.

Order Vietnam Rice with Us
Order Vietnam Rice with Us

Globalization has spread its branches in the countries of southeast Asia and Africa, where agriculture or the primary sector is considered to be the main source of livelihood for most of the population. One of these southeast Asian countries, Vietnam, has rice as one of its most-produced crops. The country relies favorably on it’s export of rice to other countries by potential rice brokers and the return from it.

Vietnam rice price varies every day, just like a stock market. If you want to know the current price of Vietnam rice, then get in touch with our Sales Manager on Whatsapp/ Viber on

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Most of the population of Vietnam relies on its different food crop and cash crop productivities, which when produced in surplus gets shipped overseas by the traders. Large quantities of various types of rice are produced and traded by the exporting companies and potential rice brokers in Vietnam. The various types of rice- Fragrant rice, Ordinary rice, White rice, Broken rice, puffed rice, Glutinous rice, flattened rice, Vietnamese rice, etc. are annually exported by Vietnamese exporting companies of rice to different developed, developing, and less developed countries of the world. Vietnam has exported nearly 7 million tonnes of rice last year and is one of the most reliable rice exporting companies export to the rest of the world.

In around 28 cities and provinces of a small country like Vietnam, most of the exporting companies of this major food crop which is consumed on a daily basis for more than 70% of this world's population in any form, belong to the Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. More than 225 rice exporting companies, authorized either as Joint Stock companies or private companies are under the legal act of the Government of Vietnam. There are many rice brokers as well who assist in this trading process and together have brought Vietnam to a stage where the world knows Vietnam as one of the most trusted rice exporting countries in the world.

These rice exporters have spread their main markets in Europe, Middle East, America, Asia, and the African countries as well. Besides these, internal or domestic trade has also benefitted Vietnam in its economic conditions. On the counterpart, we must also keep in mind about the economic fluctuations of the country- the business cycle with its periodic Booms and Depressions, that is when the country's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) falls during depression and rises in times of boom. The contribution of the returns from the export of rice by the different companies even goes through a setback in depression. These conditions are covered up by the Balance of Payment account in Vietnam.

Vietnam has been widely successful in keeping up with the Globalisation pattern of trade. The rice exporters have very well benefited the country with the assistance of the cultivators by keeping in check that no crop gets damaged sold in the market or overseas. The rice exporters have varied products as we desire to consume, starting from Long rice to Jasmine rice ranging from reasonable prices for the consumers. The advanced technology has facilitated the exporting companies of rice to an extent which is not only beneficial for them as exporters but for us as consumers of these traded goods. Thus, the rice exporting companies of Vietnam have benefitted it to a great extent.

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