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Rice in bulk - Rice for Sale - Contact Rice Supplier for Rice Prices

Updated: Apr 25

Rice in bulk - Rice for Sale - Contact Rice Supplier for Rice Prices
Rice in bulk - Rice for Sale - Contact Rice Supplier for Rice Prices

Rice-Vietnam offers a wide variety of bulk rice available to be purchased crossing a large number of assortments, at affordable costs. You can pick between bulk rice available to be purchased from around the globe. Get in touch with rice dealers from major bulk rice for sale available to be purchased delivering countries offer you items and limits making your shopping venture an alluring one.

Enjoy the trusted brand of Vietnam as we deliver you your chosen bulk rice product.

Contact Rice Supplier for Rice Prices -

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

Purchasing from Rice-Vietnam includes exchanges that have been tried and gotten with long periods of involvement. Channel your necessity of bulk rice available to be purchased dependent on your picked measures with the goal that your decision gets simpler and efficient. Pay for your acquisition of bulk rice for sale available to be purchased through a scope of accessible alternatives. Buying bulk rice available to be purchased is simpler than at any time in recent memory, with the best quality items at deal costs.

Bulk rice available to be purchased would now be able to be inspected practically before buy. Wholesale rice available to be purchased that is very sterile and all around shipped to your address in a short span of time. Bulk rice for sale available to be purchased at the absolute best costs and shop with trust. Contact rice wholesaler providers, visit quickly, and look at dealers and items dependent on a few boundaries.

Rice-Vietnam unites an immense variety of bulk rice for sale to be purchased from various countries. Here you can browse a colossal assortment all under one arrangement of procurement. Pick the volume you require or purchase paid examples to test the item.Bulk rice for sale to be purchased providers and wholesalers can incorporate their framework and get the advantages of being essential for one of the greatest stock chains on the planet.

Rice-Vietnam is your single-stop wholesale rice company. Our bulk rice is shipped only at a high degree of quality and customer support, which is why we ship to you fast and at a cheap, inexpensive price. Our wholesale supply of rice is no exception to this. Trusted Rice Supplier has what you're searching for from Wild Rice to Arborio or Jasmine Rice.

If you are a big rice distributor or small-town grocery store, Rice-Vietnam Bulk is committed to providing you with wholesale rice at the lowest possible price. Our rice comes in a box of 25 lb, 30 lb, and we're also showing you the unit price so that you can see your savings directly.

Historically, more than 10,000 years ago, rice was domesticated in ancient China. Rice is consumed all over the world and is the staple diet of a substantial part of the world's population. As such, rice is the third largest grain produced in the world. There are several types of rice that have evolved over the aeons, and there are even more geographical variations. Here at Rice-Vietnam, we have a large range of rice.

Check out our rice selections by getting in touch with us. It is our privilege to give you a wide range of different rice varieties. Please contact us with any concerns you may have on this phone number.

Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

Rice-Vietnam is an international bulk rice exporter of Vietnam rice. They have more than 7 years of experience in exporting the best quality of Vietnam rice to several African countries. Delivering the premium quality rice with proper health and safety standard checks.

Exporting high quality standard rice from the farms of Vietnam to your doorstep. The best professional team of Rice-Vietnam monitors 24x7 the whole processing of rice from their highly equipped rice mills. Rice-Vietnam is a well known brand for bulk rice export from Vietnam for authentic high quality white rice and other Vietnam rice varieties.

Rice is considered as the unofficial symbol of Vietnam. It has a great influence in their culture and traditions. In fact, the Mekong delta of Vietnam is one of the largest rice producers in the world.

Vietnam produces a wide range of varieties in rice such as Jasmine rice, brown rice, Vietnamese broken rice, white rice etc. and you can buy all these rice in bulk from Rice-Vietnam which provides it all at affordable prices.

Rice-Vietnam is giving all kinds of Vietnam rice for sale at unbelievably low prices. The price talks are also open for significant amounts.

The nutrient value of the products

Rice is a staple food of most of the countries in the world, especially the Asian countries. More than half of the world’s population are taking rice in their daily diet. Vietnam rice is also high in nutrient value giving a good amount of Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid and Protein to the body.

White (long-grain) rice- It is a good source of energy providing carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamin E etc., compared to maize, wheat and potatoes.

Brown rice- As it has not been polished off it retains the brain layer containing many vitamins and minerals. It tastes more nutty and chewy than the white rice. Brown rice contains a higher amount of fiber than white rice. The bran layer contains mainly insoluble fibers, such as hemicellulose.

Buy rice in bulk with high quality packaging

The Rice-Vietnam company has partnered with the rice bags factory to provide the best packaging for bulk rice export to their customers.

The rice bags are of high quality, non tearable and the bags will not explode even if thrown from 2 meters.

All the bulk rice exports are done following all standard safety measures and with utmost care. The company provides high quality packaging of varying sizes and materials.

Rice Exports

Rice-Vietnam company has been in the bulk rice export business for more than 7 years. They are one of the most authentic and reliable producers and exporters of white rice to countries like Africa, Canada, Europe and Asia. Rice-Vietnam’s white rice are fresh, high quality and 100% genuine straight from the Vietnam farms, which are then milled and exported to different countries from one of the highly equipped rice mills of Rice-Vietnam.

Rice Prices

Due to the high demand of Vietnamese rice the prices keep fluctuating from time to time but Rice-Vietnam helps you get the best quality rice at low prices. They are working 24x7 for the buyers to find the best prices for rice, and make the most convenient deal. From Jasmine rice to Long white rice, 5% broken to 100% broken rice you can get any variety and quantity according to your requirement.

To get more detailed information about the prices of rice you can reach out to the Rice-Vietnam company. Bulk rice for sale suppliers and wholesalers get in touch for rice prices and get the best deal. We provide 24x7 assistance over phone calls, WhatsApp and email.

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Vietnam Telephone Number: +84 (0) 765 248 528 

WhatsApp / Viber Number: +84 (0) 933 914 065

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