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Rice Export Company in Vietnam | Rice Dealer & Supplier

One of the most common and most exported grain across the globe, rice is a basic food commodity consumed by everyone. Most of us, no matter our race, ethnicity, culture, tradition, or financial condition, have had rice on various occasions. It is only a matter of how often. People in certain parts of the world like South East Asia, consume rice on an everyday basis, whereas people in the west, might consume it less often. Rice is used across various dishes. It is present in dishes across many cultures.

 rice export company
Vietnam Rice Export Company

With rice being needed across many dishes, it is always a must-have for every kitchen. Especially if you are a restaurant owner. You need to have the top-quality rice every time. To keep your customers coming back and staying loyal to your business, you need to serve the best rice in the world.

Vietnam rice price varies every day, just like a stock market. If you want to know the current price of Vietnam rice, then get in touch with our rice dealer and supplier team on Whatsapp/ Viber on (+84) 70 340 1976.

So, how can you find the best rice price? We are here to help and guide you in finding the best rice in the world. We are a rice dealer, supplier and rice exporting company based in Saigon, Vietnam that are in contact with all rice farmers. We live in Vietnam all year round so we are well-aware and informed about the prices.

We are a professional rice export company that have been in this rice export business since 1976. Our rice export business is here to guide and help you find the best prices. Stocks and prices are fluctuating all the time, and our expertise is here to fill you in with every crucial detail. Vietnam is a country known for its cheap labour.

Many big companies from all over the globe set up factories there. This also means cheaper food. Purchasing your rice from Vietnam is an overall cheaper and better alternative for your rice needs. Jasmine rice 5% broken, to long rice up to 5%/10%/25%/50% or 100% is available for import.

If we have ever traveled abroad and tried to purchase something from a local store, the locals always try to take advantage of a foreigner and charge a higher price than usual. The same thing will happen if you purchase rice in Vietnam as an individual. It will be extremely difficult for you to create contacts that can help you purchase high-quality rice in a bulk quantity at a reasonable price. This is where brokers come in. Charging a small fee, they will locate and come in contact with rice farmers for you that produce rice according to your needs.

Rice Vietnam - The Best Rice Dealer, Supplier and Export Company

We are one of the best wholesale rice suppliers in the country based in Saigon. We are complete professionals that know all rice farmers in the country. Complete familiarity with the country and its culture as a result of living their all year around, allows us to know all about the rice business and its ins and outs.

We guarantee the best quality rice at the best possible price. We aspire to remain loyal towards all of our customers by providing great deals and forming long-lasting relationships. Our goal as a rice export business is to satisfy everyone’s wishes and allow their dream to come true. We will be your eyes in Vietnam and guarantee quality grains of rice.

When it comes to shipping rice to our customers, we are partnered with a rice bags factory that specializes in producing unbreakable rice bags. Even when thrown from a distance of 2 meters, they won’t tear or explode. It is our duty as wholesale rice suppliers to deliver a food commodity in perfect condition.

Whether you are someone who wants to open their own restaurant or catering business, high-quality rice from the Mekong Delta region is necessary and it is best for you to get it at a cheap price.

Contact Rice Exporters and Suppliers

The best place to get your rice is through our rice export company at In every business, no matter the industry, having professionals by your side is necessary.

We will only charge a small fee but provide deals that are too good to be true.

Due to the unique taste and strong aroma Vietnam white rice is in great demand from African and Asian countries. We as a Vietnam rice company export rice to all the countries, at an affordable shipping rate.

For more details, we can be contacted through (+84) 70 340 1976 on WhatsApp/Viber or contact us.

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