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Exporter Of Rice From Vietnam

We are the Rice exporting company in Vietnam. We are well know rice exporter that can supply and export white Vietnamese rice. We supply Vietnam white rice directly from rice mill in Ho Chi Minh province of Vietnam.

Vietnam is among the richest agricultural areas in the world and is the world's second-largest supplier (after Thailand) and the seventh-largest buyer of rice in the world. Rice production in the Mekong and Red River deltas in Vietnam is essential for food supply in the country and the economy overall.

We invite you to contact us today so that we can discuss for detail of the Vietnam rice, quotation as well as how we can cooperate with you.

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33 million hectors of Vietnam's land area have three habitats that determine rice cultivation. Such are the southern delta (with its dominant rice distribution in the Mekong Delta), the northern delta (the tropical monsoon field with cool winters), and the northern highlands (with upland rice varieties). The Mekong Delta is the most prominent irrigated rice network.

Rice-Vietnam Exporter of Rice

Rice Vietnam is the online brokers of rice in Vietnam. Rice is Vietnam's main staple. Most of the manufacturing is done by Vietnamese government-controlled agricultural cooperatives, but our main partner/producer is one of the few private owners, and of course, we have all the requisite export licenses.

Exporter Of Rice From Vietnam
Exporter Of Rice From Vietnam

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The Mekong River and its tributaries are central to Vietnam's rice production. A total of twelve provinces make up the Mekong Delta, popularly known as Vietnam's "Rice Bowl," which comprises some 17 million people and 80 percent are involved in rice cultivation. In 2008, the delta produced a good yield of about 20 million tonnes, nearly half of the total output in the region.


Production of rice in the Mekong delta has seen a remarkable rise in recent years, although conditions of drought have impeded this development in some years. This increase is due to the planting by the government of new early maturing rice varieties, improved management, acceptable legal constructs.

Vietnam's rice production, which was 8,997 million tonnes in 1961 and 10,29 million tonnes in 1975, steadily rose over the next two decades to 35,567 million tonnes in 2007 – a roughly fourfold rise over the 46-year stretch from 1961 to 2007.

Varieties of rice

Modern mechanized farming methods are becoming popular, as are new strains of rice. Over 1,600 varieties are grown in the Mekong Delta; one special variety is the floating rice whose relatively long stems float in the delta's flooded fields. As rice growing is more motorized, conventional wooden field tools as well as older rice varieties are retained as well.

Of the 1,600-plus rice varieties grown in the delta, the "floating" rice is a rare variety-its multi-foot stems hold it above rising floodwaters. Old varieties of rice have a special place too. One Vietnamese rice-growing area expert says: There are still good characteristics of old rice varieties. They can grow in acid sulphate, sandy soil, and submerged areas. They are delicious and have a common flavor, which should be retained for breeding.


Vietnam is home to many varieties of rice. The most popular types, however, are the normal white rice eaten at each meal, jasmine rice, humid rice widely used by the upper class, sweet or sticky rice called glutinous rice, steamed rice sweetened and mixed with condiments eaten for breakfast or as a dessert dish and broken rice, converted by steaming (common in restaurants) to Com Tam; each has its unique specialty.

Why Choose as your Vietnam Rice Suppliers and Exporter

So the company is not the only brokers, of course, but the squad is reliable. The company has certain places in the MEKONG Delta where they grow other crops that we export only. Vietnamese tropical climate is ideal for certain species for the growth of large paddy fields.

Tell us about it! A lot of rice we sell to AFRICA and other nations.

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