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We are aware of everything about the Vietnamese rice production

because we live here and follow everything every days

Rice production in Vietnam

The rice that we will offer you is produced in the Mekong and Red river deltas.

Mekong delta is located in south of HO CHI MINH city (SAIGON) it is the richest agricultural part of the country and it is exactly in the heart of the rice producing region. We have 33 million hectares but pitty, we don't own personally all that :-) . In Mekong delta we have 3 ecosystems that are very friendly for rice culture, we are of course thankful to the MEKONG river and its tributaries and to our humid climate through out all the year. We are of course not forgetting our best friend that we love too much : "the Sunshine"


Like in the musical comedy H.A.I.R we are singing at all time : 


Most of production is done by agricultural cooperative under Vietnamese government control but our main partner/ producer is one of the few private owners and we have of course all the needed licence to export. First thing that we will ask you is to which country do you want to export ?

So we will check if we can proceed, because some countries are exclusively reserved for national Vietnamese government  !

About MEKONG River

It rises in the Tibetan plateau and the course is 4,350 kilometers, it encompasses six countries Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and ends in Vietnam so when you buy "our" rice you have a taste of a big part of Southeast ASIA and this taste is UNIQUE !


Clients and farmers are a team

Rice business involves many money so as a client you must be sure of your transaction and the producer must be also sure of the deal. We will be there to secure every one.


When concerning Vietnamese rice production, our team of professional rice broker is the reliable party who will take care of interests of both parties.


Apart from the independent surveyor we will also make our own QC and will stand there when producer will be loading the goods


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Rice production with a Church in backyard

See in the paddy fiels this temple looking like a Church with Buddhist symbols

We have mountains of rice from VIETNAM

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Rice vietnam Broker Exporter
Rice vietnam Rice Broker Exporter


We are here !

We will be your eyes

Rice Vietnam





Rice Vietnam too

Rice from Vietnam 5 % broken
is a complete full service
We will help you to find the best quotation
We will assist you in finding the best shipping company
We will also help you to find an insurance so you have 0% risk.


If you have any questions about Vietnamese rice production ,


feel free, just ask. 

It will be a pleasure to answer you.

Rice vietnam machine
Rice Broker Exporter
Manufacturing Rice Broker Exporter


Please see here some very big Laser sorting machine for the rice

You need rice from VIETNAM ?

Don't hesitate do ask us for a quotation !

Answer within 48 hours      (+84) 70 340 1976

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