You would like to buy rice from Vietnam ?.....
How can you find alone the right and reliable supplier ?
You need a professional rice broker in Vietnam to help you.
Stocks and prices are fluctuating all the time
It is not an easy business, we will assist you
all the time because your order is crucial
Just contact us and you can compare
the real difference of service
Why ordering rice
from Vietnam with us ?
Because we are professional
rice brokers in VIETNAM
We know all the rice producers
We live here all year round
We can find THE BEST prices for you
We want everyone to be satisfied !
We want your deal come through
We want your dream come true
We want to keep you as client
We are your eyes in Vietnam
What kind of rice from Vietnam
do you need ?
  • Jasmine rice 5 % broken
  • Long rice 5 % broken
  • Long rice 10 % broken
  • Long rice 15 % broken
  • Long rice 25 % broken
  • Long rice 50 % broken
  • Long rice 100 % broken
Up to you, we have everything !

As we said before

As professional rice brokers in Vietnam, 

our first interest is to make your deal come true :-)

and through

all the process

You don't know the sellers

We know all of them and can guaranty that we will find the quantities of rice that you need

If not with one it will be with an other farmer

A strong point from us ...
We are partner with a rice bags factory
We deliver your Vietnamese rice with almost unbreakable rice bags
Even thrown from 2 meters high,...... they will not explode


An other problem for you is the shipment of the rice from Vietnam, how can you do if you don't have

a reliable partner like us ?


Depends of your order, if you buy small quantities

like 1 or 2000 MT or a bigger order

like 20 to 25 000 MT.

We know all the the shipping lines,

our team of professional

rice brokers in Vietnam

have a specialist dedicated for that.

He will coordinate everything between

the producer and the shipping line.

Your rice from Vietnam will travel like that safely.

We will choose the best boats for you.

We will also take care of supervising the QC. 

Our company is in very closed contact with SGS and

you will exactly receive what you ordered

We will provide you a SGS certificate.

You need rice from Vietnam ?

Don't hesitate do ask us for a quotation !

Answer within 48 hours !       (+84) 70 340 1976

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